Tuesday, February 19, 2013

White Baron & SkyMan

White Baron & SkyMan... 

I only operated for a few months as the only superhero in the greater Seattle area in the Spring of 2010. After months of research; reading and communicating with other active RLSH'ers I decided to make a strict rule for myself... 'Never patrol alone' I still follow this rule to this day... atleast when wearing the super-suit.

Through the social networking of Myspace I was able to find and connect with an old-school Seattle Superhero... the White Baron. He became my mentor and he showed me the ropes of what it meant to be a Real-life Superhero. His supersuit was impressive and always evolving. For you see... Baron is, what we classify in the community, a gadgeteer. That's also how this man's brain works. Always disassembling, disseminating everyday objects to become some new superhero creation. At one point, he even used aluminum salad bowls for shoulder pads... thats how creative he is! His history as a superhero is also very fascinating. He predates most modern supers by quite a few years... there was an organization assembled after the infamous WTO riots of 1999. C.A.P.E. Citizens Against Powerful Entities... look up The Purple Lotus... he operated as the Upright-Mobile Man and lived in Seattle during those days. 

For about 6 months White Baron and I were the only public superheroes at this time... names like Black Knight, Dreamer, 
Mr Ravenblade, Neurocyb'x... were only that to me... White Baron was the real deal for me. 

We did patrol work... but nothing in the style of Phoenix Jones. Our favorite destination was Cal Anderson Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Sometimes we would venture down to the waterfront or even parts around the Space Needle. I was still very new to RLSH and didnt want to dive-in head first so I took it slow... we did start doing homeless outreach in October.

There are several activities worth noting that both myself and Baron participated in; An August meeting and water handout with Mr. Jack, The 4th Annual Superheroes Anonymous Conference in Portland, Oregon in September, and a 5k walk benefiting Cancer research the following month. 

As the World knows Phoenix Jones rose to international stardom in November of 2010, forever changing the local superhero scene and reinventing what it meant to be a Real-life Superhero. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

This is my journey, welcome to it!

The Sensational SkyMan! 

Greetings and Salutations Friends!! It is I, SkyMan! I am an aspiring real-life superhero who operates out of the Greater Seattle Area. Im coming up on my Third year Anniversary in April of this year and believe its now time to have my opinion heard.

There are many up's and down's to being a well-known Seattle Supherhero, not the least of which is operating in the shadow of Phoenix Jones. Love him or hate him, Mr Jones is a force to be reckoned with. I choose to like the guy and will collaborate with him and work with the Rain City Superhero Movement when I can and have the chance.Diplomacy is one of the keys to my success and longevity in the community; I believe in working WITH other and not AGAINST them. I have friends on all sides; RCSM, RLSH, RLSV, Initiative Collective, Extreme Altruist, and many of the other acronyms that are used.

The active history of SkyMan as a card-carrying member of the Real-life Superhero movement, community, gathering... or all-around clusterf*ck of like-minded people dates back to April of 2010. My origin story? Discovering the community was a stroke of happenstance for me. One weekend, while I was contemplating my future in a drunken stupor I popped in the bonus features disc available on the Watchmen Ultimate Boxed set... one of the documentaries was entitled, "Real Vigilantes, Real Superheroes" The little doc featured the history of the Guardian Angels and two enigmatic members of the RLSH movement; Tothian and Ecliptico respectively. I just about had a coniption fit when I came upon the concept of RLSH. I started researching the movement, contacting local members to find a local and active superhero to show me the ropes and started piecing together the super-suit.

Stay tuned for more of my story... this is it for now.